Commissioners approve updated name for Rockfish Park

Public hearing for budget held

RAEFORD – The Hoke County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday, June 20, with a public hearing for the FY 2023-24 budget and a handful of community updates on the agenda.

The board kicked off the meeting by holding a public hearing for the county’s FY 2023-24 budget ordinance, however, no speakers came forth and so the commissioners promptly closed it.

“I think that speaks to the work that our staff has done, so I want to take the time to thank the County Manager for their leadership in putting together a budget for this county,” said Chairman Allen Thomas, Jr. “The fact that people are not lined up out the door speaking about the budget, I believe, shows that they are pleased with the direction this county is going in.”

The budget is still continuing to be worked on and will be up for final approval next month.

The board also approved the renaming of Rockfish Park to The Rockfish Community Park.

“I’ve been approached by some of the folks in Rockfish and especially Larry Chason, and they requested that we make this change,” said Commissioner Bobby Wright. “I don’t have any problems with it, and if I make somebody happy, I’m happy for them.”

“With the work that the Maintenance Department is doing to it, it looks real good,” said Commissioner James Leach. “I think it’s great to name it The Rockfish Community Park. We need to get a sign to put in the park side of it like it is on the house side of it.”

The rest of the board mirrored the sentiment and directed staff to look into getting a proper sign for the park.

County Manager Letitia Edens also stated that the finance department reported a revenue of over $18,000 as a result of the Dixie Youth State Softball Tournament that Hoke County hosted for the first time in 17 years.

The Hoke County Board of Commissioners will next meet July 3.