Diakrití Designs to host Turnberry Festival this month

Desheka Willliams, CEO/Owner

RAEFORD — Diakrití Designs began with a woman and her passion for space design and party hosting.

Desheka Williams, a Hoke County local, found her dream through her husband’s career in real estate. Shortly after she began staging houses for her husband’s real estate business, William’s found that her passion for interior design and hospitality was much larger than just a dream.

“Growing up, I didn’t experience the big gatherings where cousins and grandparents come to see you, so I’ve always wanted to be a part of moments like that,” Williams said. “So, I decided to create those moments, and I get so much out of just seeing the smiles on people’s faces.”

Diakrití Designs opened for business in May 2022, the name coming from the Greek word for “distinct.” Williams felt as if this were the most fitting name for the work ethic and services she provides to her customers.

June 24, Diakrití Designs will be hosting a festival from 11 a.m until 4 p.m. in the Turnberry neighborhood. This festival will be free entry for all guests, they will be welcomed to the community for summertime fun.

“It’s a free event, so I just want everyone to come out and have fun,” Williams said. “Just come out and have a good time. It’s summertime, the kids are out of school, and parents can hopefully let their hair down.”

There will be a DJ who will be the entertainment for this event. The BUGman will be playing music for every attendee to sing and dance along to. The Turnberry Festival will also have many different local vendors providing food, Italian ice, and so much more.

“Vendors will be able to promote their own business; it will be set up in different stations around the track,” Williams said. “We’ll have soul food, and we’ll have seafood, and a lot more.”

The mission of the Turnberry Festival is to provide families in the community to come together and enjoy some family fun. Many activities and games will be available for both children and adults to take part in, and maybe even show a competitive side.

“For the children we’ll have a bouncy house, we’re going to do painting, a lot of games, just stuff to interact with families,” Williams said. “I want everybody to be able to be involved.”