Hillcrest fire chief injured in fall, recovering at home

Chief Michael Scott fell and suffered a head injury on the job

Hillcrest Fire Chief Michael Scott was released from the hospital several days after he fell from a fire truck and suffered a head injury. Courtesy Hillcrest Fire Department

Hillcrest Fire Chief Michael Scott is now resting at home after suffering a head injury from a fall off a fire engine on April 23. The incident occurred while the Chief was assisting with vehicle washing and maintenance.

Following the accident, Chief Scott received medical attention and was subsequently transferred to a specialty facility for further treatment. In a Facebook post, the Hillcrest Fire Department expressed gratitude for the support received from their partners and the community during this challenging time.

On April 25, the Fire Department provided an update, stating that the Chief was recovering well and hoped to be released within a couple of days.

That was followed by an update on Friday, April 26, when the department announced that Chief Scott had been released from the hospital and was resting at home. The Chief expressed his thankfulness for the thoughts and prayers he received. The department requested that well-wishers show their support in the comments section on Facebook, allowing the Chief time to recuperate before receiving visitors in person.

The Hillcrest community wishes Fire Chief Michael Scott a speedy recovery and looks forward to his return to serving the public.