Hoke County Board of Commissioners addresses tax, property issues

Meeting includes declaration of insolvent taxes, approval of tax releases, and appointment to the Board of Health

RAEFORD – The Hoke County Board of Commissioners addressed multiple tax and property items during its meeting on Monday, Oct. 16.

The board declared overdue tax bills from 2012, totaling $126,135.52, as insolvent, marking 10 years from their due date.

“It is time to write off our 11th-year taxes,” Tax Collector Daphne Dudley said. “This will also be our last year for such a big amount for motor vehicles as the taxes are now collected at the DMV with tag renewals.”

The board also approved the release of taxes for October, totaling $237,617.56. Of this amount, $195,029.02 resulted from a Property Tax Commission (PTC) settlement.

“Unilever Manufacturing Inc. had taken the appeal to PTC,” Acting Tax Assessor Mandi Davis said. “They did not agree with the value that was placed on their property. The two sides agreed on a value of $16 million, with the change in value leading to a tax refund for both 2022, with interest, and 2023, totaling $195,029.02.

The board approved a bid for surplus property that the county had put up for sale.

“We had a bid for 621 McGilvary Lane and this bid started out at $4,075,” Clerk to the Board Gwen McGougan said. “The final bid was $6,300. The advertisement went the full 10 days and the competing bidder dropped out.”

The board also approved the appointment of Dr. Charles Allen to serve as the pharmacist on the Board of Health, starting in November 2023.

“He’s served the board before, he’s been an excellent member and I hope we get him back this time,” board member Bobby Wagner said. The appointment fills the Hoke County Board of Health.

The board also discussed a grant the county received for the Hoke Area Transit Service Facility.

“We were able, through DOT, to apply for additional funding for our HATS facility to add additional bays onto that facility,” McGougan said. “Our match for that will take our total match for this HATS facility to $730,992.”

The Hoke County Board of Commissioners will meet next on Nov. 6.