HUDSON: Defending freedom and unleashing American nuclear energy

An American flag is seen on display. (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)

Hardworking Americans like you are repeatedly paying the price for President Biden’s anti-energy policies, with costly mandates and red tape upending our way of life.

You should have the freedom to choose the best car or truck for your family, business, and farm at an affordable price. Yet, just last year, the Biden Administration announced a new rule to impose an EV mandate onto families. Families are already struggling from higher prices across the board, yet this misguided decision would force them to give up their gas and diesel-powered cars for more expensive alternatives.

The last thing folks in the Sandhills, and America, want is another oppressive Biden Administration mandate that puts a radical environmental agenda and Far-Left special interests above their individual freedoms. I recently joined my colleagues in a letter demanding President Biden reverse this overreaching policy and stop imposing his failed Green New Deal agenda on you.

We have a great energy source right here in North Carolina that is affordable and reliable — nuclear energy. Our nuclear industry supports good-paying jobs and is key to strengthening America’s competitiveness in the global energy sector. We must cut red tape that continues to hamstring the industry’s ability to thrive.

That’s why I was so pleased to see my bipartisan Advanced Nuclear Deployment Act (H.R. 6526) pass in the House last week as part of a larger nuclear energy package. This important legislation will expand the availability of affordable, clean, safe nuclear energy by reducing burdensome regulations around production.

I will continue fighting to get Big Government out of the way and will always stand up for our rights. That’s why recently, I also continued my efforts to defend our Second Amendment.

I introduced the Protecting Privacy in Purchases Act to prohibit gun grabbing politicians from tracking lawful gun purchases and surveilling the private financial information of law-abiding citizens. No entity should be able to violate and infringe on Constitutionally-protected rights of Americans.

Whether it’s the Second Amendment, consumer choice, or affordable energy — know I will never stop fighting for what matters most to you and your family.

Richard Hudson is a member of Congress representing NC-9.