Metronet debuts symmetrical, multi-gigabit speeds up to 10 gigabits in Raeford

RAEFORD —  Metronet today announced that residents and businesses in the North Carolina communities of Fayetteville, Greenville, and Raeford, are the first in the state to have access to even faster internet with Metronet’s ultra-high-speed, multi-gigabit service. In addition to Metronet’s current offerings of one gigabit per second, speeds up to two gigabits are now available for residents, and businesses may choose speeds up to ten gigabits. All Metronet speeds are symmetrical, which is vital for high-quality video conferencing, gaming, and online learning.

The updates to multi-gigabit speeds were made with no disruption to the current Fayetteville, Greenville, and Raeford infrastructure. Those interested in upgrading to Metronet’s multi-gigabit speeds may upgrade online at

“Metronet is proud to officially deploy access to multi-gigabit speeds to our communities in North Carolina,’ said John Cinelli, Metronet CEO. “Multi-gigabit speeds will change the way the communities we serve spend their time online from the office and at home. These communities now have access to the fastest internet speeds available that will improve the quality of internet service and way of life. Fayetteville, Greenville, and Raeford are supported by a future-proof infrastructure that has the ability to scale to even faster speeds, supporting the continued growth and economic development of each community for decades.”

In the coming months, other communities throughout Metronet’s 16-state service area will join Fayetteville, Greenville, and Raeford with access to multi-gigabit speeds.  Those interested in upgrading may visit the aforementioned website to be notified once their address is available for upgrade internet speeds. 

City officials interested in adding their community to Metronet’s growing list of “Certified Gigabit Cities Powered by Metronet” may visit or contact Eddie Massengale, Metronet Sr. Director of Business Development at or at
(423) 280-9031.