NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s 2024 Top Shot Challenge

Misty Collins aims down range while participating in the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Shooting Challenge at John Lentz Hunter Education Complex.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has announced a new program aimed at improving target shooting skills.

The 2024 Top Shot Challenge is a 12-month, themed target shooting program that will be offered at six agency shooting ranges across the state.

“Besides target shooting being an enjoyable sport for many people, it creates an opportunity to improve shooting skills and become more familiar handling a firearm, which is a recommended safety measure for firearm owners,” said NCWRC’s shooting range facilities manager Josh Jernigan in the press release.

The ranges in which the challenge will be offered are the John Lenz Hunter Education Complex in Richmond County, the Flintlock Valley Shooting Range in Montgomery County’s Uwharrie National Forest, the Odom Shooting Range in Northampton County, the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center, the Wayne E. Smith Cold Mountain Shooting Range in Haywood County, and the R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Shooting Range in Caswell County.

The Top Shot challenge will be offered in three categories: rifle of any caliber, handgun of any caliber and 0.22-caliber rifles and pistols.

The rules include that participants will shoot targets at 50 yards, no lead sleds or locking devices allowed, front supports only (stocks may not touch the table), no caliber .50 BMG or larger, participants must use the targets provided at the range and all other range rules must be followed

Participants will receive a themed patch for each monthly challenge they complete. They may attempt the challenge once per day, per month for each themed challenge until they complete it and make-up challenges will be offered in August.

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