Rockfish Chamber of Commerce provides community update

The Rockfish Chamber of Commerce, comprising small business owners, provides charitable outreach in Hoke County. I am Earlene Harper, the Chamber’s manager and President of the Board of Directors, updating you on our recent activities.

Our Silver Linings Program, a grant initiative secured by the Rockfish Chamber and managed through the Hoke County Library, serves disabled individuals in our community. I’m happy to report its significant impact in aiding residents who require assistance.

Silver Linings is a weekly day program at the library for Raeford’s most vulnerable citizens. It offers social and learning opportunities for those with learning disabilities and developmental delays, catering to all ages. The library environment encourages creative expression, community engagement, and relationship building. Our activities range from yoga and dance to art, focusing on personal and group development goals.

Additionally, Silver Linings helps adults acquire community and workplace skills through socialization and hands-on activities. Our staff prioritizes a person-centered approach, ensuring every participant enjoys a variety of library-provided activities.

We aim to enrich the lives of our developmentally challenged citizens and library patrons.

We’ve also partnered with Serenity Therapeutic Services Inc. and Monarch NC Mental Health and Human Services Care Inc. This collaboration introduces a weekly library visit to their routines, enhancing skill development.

Regarding the DOT update, our recent event was well-attended, underscoring the community-building power of such gatherings.

As a US Chamber of Commerce member and part of the Chamber Federation, we monitor issues affecting our area and small businesses. The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, or the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act,” is a significant funding initiative for infrastructure nationwide. North Carolina received $1.4 billion in 2022 for highway projects, benefiting Hoke County with various roadway improvements. Our role includes keeping citizens and business owners informed about these developments, reducing misinformation.

Finally, our Chamber’s Hunger Relief Program supports children in need, identified by their schools. Our “Food Drive Campaign” starts in October, targeting three local schools. Community support is vital for its success.

Earlene Harper is president of the Rockfish Chamber of Commerce.