The Juicebox Rockstars roll into town

Photos by Christine McCarrell of Trackside Photography

Twenty-two kids from ages 3 to 5 years old tackled Rockfish Speedway last Saturday night in a new division called The Juicebox Rockstars. Parents, grandparents, crews, and friends packed the speedway to see the youngsters race two laps in their decorated electric go-karts. Top photo: Parents and racers got lined up for their first-ever race. Bottom left: The winners from each division (Left-Right) Rhett “Kid Chaos” Kitchen in the five-year-olds, Lincoln Peterson in the three-year-olds and Weston Preston in the four-year-olds. Bottom right: Three-year-old Racyn Jones made a huge impact as 55 friends and family made it out to the speedway to watch her race in the electric racing karts.