Copperheads announce name change to ZooKeepers

ASHEBORO — The Asheboro Copperheads announced this morning that they will change their name to the Asheboro ZooKeepers. At a press conference at the Asheboro Recreation Center Gymnasium, the team, which was founded in 1999, blasted Guns ‘N Roses’s “Welcome to the Jungle” as they unveiled logos and uniforms for the team.

The team’s colors will change to a safari-theme with tan and brown dominating the logo and uniforms. Gone will be the burnt orange and black of the Copperheads. According to a release from the team, the ZooKeepers will have four official colors: khaki, brown, black, and jungle green.

“Over the past year or so, we took a long look at our brand and thought this was an ideal time to create something new and fresh,” said owner Doug Pugh in a statement release by the team. “We’ve always been focused on delivering a fun product for the whole family, so what better theme to build off than Asheboro’s biggest attraction? ZooKeepers was a no-brainer.”

The team also announced that it is planning cross-promotions with the North Carolina Zoo. “We would love to see families plan outings where they visit both the zoo and the ballpark throughout the season,” said ZooKeepers Coach and General Manager Jeremy Knight. “As far as the baseball, we will always be committed to fielding some of the best rising talent in the sport and giving our players a stage to hone their skills. Aligning with the zoo concept will enhance the experience for anyone at the ballpark – fans or players – and should be a win-win for our community.”

The team plays its games at McCrary Park which is a receiving a massive renovation ahead of the 2022 baseball season.

More announcements are coming from the team which they teased in a promotional release on Monday following the announcement. They said they would announce two additional spin-offs of the ZooKeeper brand. The team did not unveil away game uniforms at the announcement for the new name.

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