County gives go-ahead to explore projects

Randolph County Commissioners

ASHEBORO — The Randolph County commissioners gave the go-ahead for collaboration to pursue projects in three different votes at the September meeting.

Crystal Gettys of the Randolph County Economic Development Corporation made presentations for each of the situations.

There’s a feasibility study on water and sewer for a site off I-74 and N.C. 311 near Wall Brothers Road. This is a potential industrial park involving about 260,000 acres.

Gettys, the business recruitment director for Randolph County EDC, said it’s a marketable site for an industrial park.

The $30,000 cost of the study will be split three ways between the City of Randleman, Randolph County EDC and Randolph County.

“A great first step,” county commissioner Kenny Kidd said.

On another matter, Gettys provided information on what was identified as a marketable Archdale location. Commissioners approved funds to move forward with engineer studies to prepare the site and enter a design phase.

“I’m glad to work with Archdale as well,” Kidd said.

This is a four-way partnership involving the City of Archdale, Randolph County EDC, Samet Corp. and the county. The price tag is $31,200 for each entity.

County commissioners also gave the go-ahead for a building use grant involving Mickey Truck Bodies Inc. The county didn’t need to match this grant with funds, just provide approval.

Mickey Truck Bodies is a manufacturer that provides transportation equipment for the food and beverage industry. It’s based in High Point.

The property at issue is just outside Trinity city limits, with an Archdale address. There’s a building encompassing about 17,280 square feet.

Mickey Truck Bodies is committed to creating 20 new jobs in Randolph County with an average pay of $52,000 annually.

Company CEO Matt Sink said the location is “absolutely necessary to support our growth plans for 2022 and beyond.”


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