HUDSON: A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation

The sun appears through cloudy skies Thursday, March 10, 2022, above the Legislative Building at the Capitol in Olympia, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

President Reagan gave us this warning about the importance of protecting our homeland. Just last week, we heard a moving and passionate speech from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who spoke before a joint session of Congress on the dire situation facing his own country’s security. In his remarks, this bold and courageous leader repeated his call for increased military aid.

While I do not support sending US troops into Ukraine, Zelenskyy’s harrowing speech reinforced my belief that we must do more to support Ukraine’s fight against Putin. The American Ammo in Defense of Ukraine Act, which I introduced earlier this month, will play an important part in this effort by cutting government red tape so that munitions donations from private citizens and manufacturers in the US can reach Ukraine faster.

Similarly, we should take steps to ensure that Ukraine is able to stop Russia’s heinous carpet bombing of civilian targets like churches, schools, and hospitals. We should provide Ukraine with every available defensive weapon possible, including anti-aircraft weaponry, as well as MiG fighter jets from our NATO partners. Replacing these jets with American F-16’s will not only strengthen our NATO allies, but also create jobs in America.

Ukraine should have every tool available to defend itself. However, I firmly believe our support should not include the enforcement of a no-fly zone. This would require that American pilots confront and, in all likelihood, shoot down Russian aircraft. This would quickly escalate the conflict, leading to disastrous results, including possibly a nuclear war.

One thing is certain – the crisis in Ukraine underscores the vital importance of our own border security, energy security, and national security. Americans are being devastated by record fuel prices, yet Washington Democrats have continued to block efforts to promote energy independence. Just last week, they blocked for a third time my American Energy Independence from Russia Act that would boost our domestic energy production.

Instead, Democrats last week proposed numerous “alternative” solutions to addressing America’s energy crisis. These included short-term gas rebates and “use it or lose it” regulations on American energy producers. These are Band-Aid solutions that would fail to address the root cause of the problem: the Left’s handicapping of the American energy sector.

This is simply an issue of supply and demand. When demand is high and supply is low – in this case as a direct result of Biden’s policies – then prices go up. Washington Democrats must reverse their agenda and work to increase our supply with American sources of energy. This will help ensure American security, as well as end our dependence on foreign oil.

This ties into to another critical step for safeguarding our security: avoiding deals with the devil.

Last week, President Biden moved closer to finishing a new nuclear deal with Iran. It would be even more dangerous than President’s Obama’s Iran deal that President Trump rightly withdrew from in 2018. Under Biden’s new deal, numerous sanctions would be lifted and Iran would receive billions of dollars to better arm itself – all of this in exchange for fewer and shorter nuclear restrictions. What’s more – this deal would also increase China and Russia’s leverage in the region at our expense.

That’s why I co-sponsored the Maximum Pressure Act that will expand sanctions on Iran, restrict the President from unilaterally lifting these sanctions, and increase congressional oversight over them. Biden’s potential Iran deal severely undermines our security and congress must prevent it from being certified at all costs.

Finally, our national security depends on us securing our borders. Like inflation rates and record gas prices, the crisis at our border was created by Biden’s policies and shows no signs of stopping. In total, over 2 million illegal migrants have already crossed our border in the last year. Officials predict this number could grow exponentially this year, as last month was the highest February on record in over two decades.

We need proven solutions to secure our border, including reinstating President Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, maintaining Title 42 authority to protect our public health, and finishing the wall. We must also send a clear message around the globe: do not come to the United States illegally.

National security can never be taken for granted. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown the world this sad reality. Rest assured I will continue working to defend our allies while doing everything possible to protect our homeland.

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