Moore County Schools to resubmit bids for needed elementary school construction

Moore County Schools Board of Education met Mon., May 9.

CARTHAGE — The Moore County Board of Education met Monday, May 9 with a positional appointment and a couple of budget confirmations on the agenda. 

The board voted to reappoint George Little to a second term to the Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees.

The Moore County Board of Education appoints four members to the Sandhills Community College Board of Trustees each to four year terms, one each year. Board members Stacey Caldwell and Philip Holmes screened two applicants for the position and made the recommendation for Little to be reappointed.

The board also approved a bid by Fields Plumbing & Heating Company, Inc. for $130,106 to replace the HVAC system in the Pre-K building at Carthage Elementary plus the add alternative of $5,000 for the removal of all abandoned HVAC items.

Bids for replacing the boiler supply and return lines at Carthage Elementary were advertised through a formal bid process, but the school only received one bid. 

“Because the requirement is two for an opening, we were unable to open the bids,” said Executive Officer for Operations, John Birath. “We immediately turned around and followed the required directions provided by the Federal Uniform Guidance provided by the State to rebid the project. Bids will be received on May 17. At that time, should we receive only one bid, we are permitted to open it at that time.”

The board also approved a four-year bid by Saffelle, Inc. for $245,100 in year one and $250,800 in years 2-4 to provide custodial products and support services.

The board then approved funding for the student device refresh for Grades 2-5 to replace Chromebooks at a 1:1 student to device ratio contingent that the plan is approved by the County Commissioners. 

“Moore County Schools currently provides for one-to-one technology for students in Grades K-12,” said Director of Student Support Services, Dr. Seth Powers. “The current student devices in Grades 2-5, which are Chromebooks, have an end-of-life date and will no longer be Google supported as of June, 2022. The district is seeking to purchase new Chromebooks as a refresh for the devices for Grades 2-5 as a part of the district’s five-year, Digital Learning and Sustainability Plan. This will ensure that students in these grade levels will have access to working Chromebooks for the upcoming school year.”

The cost of the refresh would be covered by the Digital Learning Fund provided by Moore County.

The board had an offer by the Department of Transportation to purchase real property at West End Elementary School, but they decided to table the matter and refer to administrative staff and legal counsel on it. 

The Moore County Board of Education will next meet June 13.

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