Rockfish Speedway racing results

Racers will be ready to go when Rockfish Speedway hosts its next event in a busy fall season. Racing resumes Oct. 28. (courtesy photo)

Rockfish Speedway in Raeford has seen plenty of action this fall, with four Saturday nights of action since the start of September.

Each Saturday event has featured four races, each in a different category.

Steve Dunn (Carolina Modlites), Dale Trogdon (600 cc Micro Sprint) and Brayton Lawrence (Junior Sprints) have posted a pair of wins each. Here’s a look at the winners so far, with the next event scheduled for Oct. 28.


Carolina Modilites winners

Sept. 2, Steve Dunn

Sept. 14, Donovan Jackson

Sept. 30, Tim White

Oct. 7, Steve Dunn


600 cc Micro Sprint winners

Sept. 2, Matt Jones

Sept. 14, Brant Woods

Sept. 30, Dale Trogdon

Oct. 7, Dale Trogdon


270/Restricted 600 winners

Sept. 2, Matt Thompson

Sept. 14, Stevie Daron

Sept. 30, Wesley Sweatman

Oct. 7, Andrew Daugherty


Junior Sprints winners

Sept. 2, Layne Gerrald

Sept. 14, Brayton Lawrence

Sept. 30, Taniyah Keith

Oct. 7, Brayton Lawrence